Mixed Bag

A little over a month into my most recent lifestyle change, and i’m thoroughly enjoying it. As i’m pondering life around me this evening, I saw in myself, again, a conundrum. I value having some semblance of control, a sense or normalcy in my life, but I also crave adventure, and to an extent, chaos.

I find myself in a perfect balance of those things now; I have my own place, my own kitchen (i’ve missed my kitchen), my own coffee, a sense of ‘normal’, a touch of consistency even, and of course, my own bed (oh how i’ve missed my own bed!)

I also greatly enjoy living the slogan, “Home is where you park it”, and while it’s not completely up to me where I park, it’s still a ton of fun for me to go new places, make new friends, and see new sights.

Extra Mile

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So you’re rollin’ down the road, itchin’ to get to the next stop, dealing with traffic, or weather, or any number of other distractions, and BOOM! there’s your exit, just up ahead, two lanes over! Oh no, we can’t make that, can we??

Don’t. Not can’t, DO NOT. I know it sucks, I know it’s lame, and I know it takes longer, but the SAFEST thing you can do when you’re about to miss your exit is KEEP GOING, and take the next one.

Sure, it’ll take longer, and yeah, you might be late, BUT, you’ll still get there in one piece, and will have done so safely. Not just your safety, either, but the safety of all the people and vehicles around you, which is something you should be aware of at all times.

Vent Covers

I finally got around to installing the vent covers I bought way back in July, and i’m oh so happy with them so far! It’s super nice to be able to open the vent covers when it’s raining outside, and enjoy the atmosphere without the rain coming in! 😀




While simple to install, they do require drilling into the metal around your vent, so be sure to walk through the steps of the work before you do the work!




One of the common problems I see among people in the field is how much value they place in their perception of another.

I’m a, “Say what you mean and mean what you say” kind of guys, and I find myself having to say that a few times at each site I go to. I take the words of others the same way, I treat them as if they simply mean what they said, and they say what they mean, which is a much simpler way to get things done.

Oh so often I find that some people just don’t have that clear communication thing down quite right, and they end up frustrated because they’re not getting the response they expected, even though they didn’t speak their intentions clearly. Then things get worse when they make assumptions about the meaning behind what other people say, or their actions, and they take it to another level. In the vane of, “Bitching about something without offering a solution is just bitching”, let me suggest this:

Take people at face value. Don’t add your own perception onto it, and don’t judge people, just take it as it comes, and expect people to say what they mean, and mean what they say, just as we all should be doing.


Winners get shit done, losers talk about getting shit done. Be a winner.

Your attitude is a result of the way people treat you, and how you choose to respond. So many times I see people respond with anger, justification, fear, greed, or some sense of superiority; stop that, stop all of that.

You have a choice, every minute of every day, to present yourself any way you choose. Are you presenting someone who others want to follow, or are you presenting someone who others want to avoid? Worse, are you presenting someone that others want to get rid of?

While I don’t waste my time worrying about the opinions of others, I do make a point to maintain focus on what my attitude should be:

I’m here to do a job, and i need to focus on that job.

I’m here to help my fellow techs in any way I can, without stepping outside the bounds of my job.

I’m here to see that we’re all working safely and with a mindset of quality.

If you work with me, you’ll probably hear me say, “I’m here to commission turbines and chew bubblegum, and I ain’t got no bubblegum”. Pro tip: I don’t chew gum. 😉


Safety, safety, safety. We hear about it all the time. We talk about it every morning. Then we go into the field, and I see some folks just forget about it.

If you’re doing something that’s un-safe for you, i’m going to talk to you directly, and see if you understand, and if you care to know.

If you’re doing something that’s un-safe to other technicians, I will personally see to it you get removed from site immediately, and I will not make any exceptions to that; other technicians lives are on the line, and i’ll be damned if i’m going to stand idly by while you place others in harms way.

That being said, let me encourage you to have a mindset of safety, all day, every day, in every thing you do. Think about what you’re about to do, think about what could go wrong, and think about how you can prevent issues before they become problems. That’s what safety is all about.

Also know this: Every tower, every technician, every day: If we go up together, we come down together, and i’ll bet my life on it.


Confidence. It’s a little word with a big meaning, and it’s something that seems to be missing from a lot of people.
Confidence. It’s a simple mindset that is often called something else.
Confidence. It’s the belief in yourself that you can, and will, achieve whatever you set out to do.

Go out there and be the best version of you, starting right now, working on today. One day at a time.