It’s a dogs life

I know, I know, i’ve been all hit-and-miss with the personal posts on my blog, and i’m sure some of you are saying, “Dude. It’s a BLOG. Where’s the LOG part of that?!?!”. Others just watched that joke go right by them without even slowing down. It’s cool, i’m selectively funny.

Anywho, i’ve been wanting a dog for a long time. I had a dog of my own as a kid in Georgia, and i’ve rescued/fostered/housed/dogsat a bunch of dogs along the way in life, but i haven’t had a dog of my own in many years. Well, meet Scout.

I adopted her 29DEC from the Humane society, and she’s part of my recovery team (i’ll get more into the injury and recovery stuff in other posts). So far, she’s doing a splendid job!

Now for the cliffhanger; if you’re not on my Facebook, you’ll have to stay tuned for more posts here. 🙂

Knowledge is power…. right?

FINALLY got my MRI results, and now we know: I have two bulged discs (the very bottom ones), and the lowest one has a small tear inside. They tell me surgery isn’t likely, and we’re looking at 6-24 months to heal.

So, this news is good news, and gives me some more data to plan with.

The Devil went down to Georgia, and so have I

With all the issues and limitations surrounding my injury and my case, I decided to come back to a place I spent most of my life in, so on November 7th, I arrived in LaGrange, GA. I’m setting up camp at an RV park that’s behind a skating rink i’ve been to many times, and while I won’t be skating anytime soon, I will be enjoying the nature here. 🙂

I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, and seeing this city with fresh eyes. When I moved away from here in 2011, I was happy to leave it behind in my rearview mirror; sad to leave my friends, and the life I knew, but I thought I hated this place. Now, i’ve grown up, gotten over myself, and learned that it’s not about where you are, it’s about how you choose to see things. I choose to see the good, and if I can’t see it, I go find it. I’m happy to be back, and looking forward to getting well.


On the road again…

Well, back on the road it is! The park here closes today for the winter, and there’s nothing they’ll let me do to extend my stay, so i’m headed south.

I’m doing a little better, and planning to stop in Jersey City so I can visit Manhattan again while i’m in the area.

I’m sure to get plenty of walking in! 😀

What a pain in the…

So here I am, my third day in a row off thanks to the back injury, and it’s really annoying. I don’t know what it is, but I know it hurts, and I don’t want it. :/

Here’s hoping this gets wrapped up quickly!