Welcome to the Dog House!

Hello all, and welcome to my new category, ‘Daniels Dog House’! As I expand the blog into other areas of my life, i’m opening up new categories, and this one deals mostly with my dog training work, as well my general enjoyment of dogs.

I’m aiming to grow my hobby of dog training into a profitable side hustle, so you’ll see a range of stuff here from training how-to’s, do’s/don’ts, and of course, stories of dogs coming through my program.

I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy working with them, and as always, feel free to get in touch if you have questions or need help!

Amps adventures: Kayaking!

Amp took to the kayak like a fish to the water… in the bait bucket. He wasn’t too sure about it as first, but with a little gentle reminding, he settled right in and enjoyed the ride. Curious, he took things in through sight and smell, but he kind enough to stay mostly still for the ride.

He also got to spend some time swimming and frolicking on an island, but he wasn’t quite ready for off-leash adventure. We’re working on voice recall, and i’m looking forward to going kayaking with him again soon!

Amp: Weekly roundup

In his first week with me, Amp has continued to be very loving, with a strong desire to stay close. Already housebroken, he loves to go outside, run around, find the perfect spot to potty, then run right back to the door and watch me. We’ve been working on the basic commands, he’s become very good about manners and obedience (not bolting through doors, not jumping on people), and is starting to learn about how riding in the vehicle works.

He’s also decided he likes the bed, but the pillows offer a special spot of joy (comfort squares, as they’re AKA).

Keep an eye for Amps adventures, and if you decide you want to give him a forever home, let me know! 😀

Meet Amp

Amp is a fun-loving, happy boy who needed a new place to stay while his human handled some personal issues. He’s sweet, loves attention, but is NOT a fan of being picked up or handled very much. I picked him up from friends in LaGrange, and on the way home he thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

My pointer, Scout, is so far adamant about showing him who’s boss, but Amps taking it like a champ and just brushing her off… it’s much fun to watch!

Stay tuned for Amps adventures in Daniels DogHouse! 🙂
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