My new wingman

Meet Steve!

Steve is my new dating wingman, and he is a No Drama Llama.
Steve is here to help me sort through the drama (bullshit) some women insist on bringing into every conversation.

Steve would like to remind you of a couple of important things:
1) Daniel has a simple system in place to ensure he’s meeting with quality women, AND, not wasting his, or her, time.
2) Criteria to meet is there for a reason; if it’s not clearly met, Daniel moves on.
3) Daniel no longer gives a shit if you call him names, or otherwise make your ignorance known. You, too, are an adult, and if you wish to throw a tantrum, well, so be it.

Cheers! 😀


The oxymoron of dating here is girls saying, “But I want to get to know you!” while refusing to spend any time with me. What, are you going to interrogate me until I crack and spill all my secrets?
I’m very fond of my dog, I like my beer cold and my steak medium rare. There, now you know all my secrets.
When you’re ready to get to know me, show me. Poser.

A concession

In light of a recent post, someone brought to my attention that I cannot complain about being lonely while ignoring my dating profiles, so…. I concede, and I will pay a *little* attention to my dating profiles.

I have zero expectations of meeting a great woman here, and I have no intention of spending much time searching, but i’ll allow that anything is possible, and perhaps there’s a good woman who isn’t a complete bitch that would enjoy joining me on some of my adventures.


Have you ever noticed that the people who complain about boring conversation, or demand that you be able to ‘carry on a conversation’, are the same people who are so fucking boring? They ask the most boring questions, they ask questions already answered in my profile, they ask questions that lead to dead ends, or they ask questions that are discussion questions (which should be asked in person, not over text).

Good grief man (or woman), get your shit together and stop being the cause of the thing you’re bitching about!