Wading in the shallow end

Well, i’m back in the dating pool, albeit hanging out in the shallow end after my last round of experience.

I don’t like to badmouth people, so we’ll leave it at this: That last one was the worst experience i’ve ever had with a person, and while I wish them all the best, I also wish to never cross paths with them again. Now, to be fair, it’s not all their fault. I opened up too fast, I trusted them, and I fell down in life while we were together, but it would have been nice to have someone to lean on, rather than someone who insisted on torturing me.

Thankfully, i’ve survived, all ties have been cut, and i’ve moved on to better times and places. My dog is happier, too. 🙂

So i’m back, still looking for more than just a hookup, still open to most, still not looking to get married tomorrow, but definitely moving a little slower.

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