I’ve had a handful of conversations in the last few days where the girl decided to insult me, calling me names, suggesting i’m making up for a small penis, small brain, big ego, or something of the sort, and that’s why i’m ‘crazy’ and ‘linear’. I’ve seen this behavior in other places, but there seems to be an abnormal abundance of it here in Atlanta.

First, in order to insult me I have to value your opinion, so all you’ve done is shown me the correct option is to unmatch/block/go away.

Second, the reason I filter is because people usually respond in anger, hatred, narcissism, and yelling, so much yelling, before they’ll get anywhere close to attempting to understand. It’s annoying at best, downright dangerous at worst. I don’t want any of that, so i’m happy to filter it out.

Third, i’m linear because i’m detail-oriented, and I take things one step at a time. That’s what makes me really good at getting things done very well, and the more I do them, the faster I get. It’s part of who I am, and hating me for it just tells me to stay away from you.

Last, i’m not ‘making up’ for anything; I am who I am, and the kind of woman I want to date is attracted to who I am.

Now if I could just get tinder to let me unmatch without having to report….

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