Minimum effort

In my latest profile update I state, “Minimum effort until we meet”.

Less than an hour after my profile update, I got a message from someone who asked me a question already answered in my profile, and expounded on in my blog. I lol’d and excused myself, and they told me to go to hell. 
Thanks! If I wasn’t sure she was a bitch before, I was after that comment!

So here it is: minimum effort until we meet. That means i’m putting in no more than the minimum required effort until we meet in person. Dating is a numbers game, and i’m here to crunch the numbers. 
The women that I want to date are smart, classy, ambitious, and have their shit together. I.E, they’re ready to make a move. The women who aren’t ready to move are not the kind of women I want to be around; they waste time, create problems, cause drama, and generally make things more difficult than they need to be.

So, until we meet, minimum effort.

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