Maximum effort

I got a message today with a terrific question:
“When do you put in maximum effort?”

When it’s right. When the right woman comes along, we decide to get together and be in a relationship, then i’ll put in maximum effort.

Maximum effort means she’ll know that she’s loved, cared for, respected, supported, and wanted, every day, and not just because I say it, but because i’ll show it. I’ll show it in ways she’ll understand because i’ll learn her love languages, and speak them to her.

Maximum effort means she’ll get the same loyalty, honesty, and passion that all my friends and family get, and she’ll be way up at the top of my priority list. She’ll know she can pry me away from anything else with a smile, and she’ll use that power carefully so she doesn’t wear it out.

Maximum effort is an amazing thing, but if you want it from me, she’ll have to be an amazing woman.

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