Grammar matters

Yes, grammar matters, and yes, this post is about grammar matters. Yes, I know, smart girls like that play on words.

Grammar matters because it’s part of clear communication, and if you can’t communicate clearly through text, it appears you can’t (or won’t) communicate clearly in general. Since more than half of all arguments are caused by misunderstanding, and misunderstandings happen due to poor communication and/or a lack of desire to understand, and I don’t have any desire to waste my time arguing with people (especially with my significant other), lack of decent grammar tells me we’re all done.

If you’d rather not have that be an issue, then I encourage to take a little time to brush up on your grammar skills.

For the drama queens, no, you don’t have to be a grammar nerd to talk to me. You can talk all day long. If you want a response, then you’ll have to show me you’re worth responding to. I know, i’m getting all kinds of judgmental glares right now. Stare on, but remember, you judge, too.

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