So what is RVing?

Well faithful reader, i’m glad you asked!
RV stands for ‘Recreational Vehicle’, which simply means any vehicle built for the purpose of recreation. For the sake of this category, rest assured we’re talking about RV’s meant for use on land, like motorhomes, travel trailers, and the like. For a long list of terms, see this post.

The whole point of any RV is to get out and enjoy nature with the bonus of bring ‘house and home’ along with you. Whether you’re a weekend warrior exploring local spots, or a full-time on the road RVer seeing the whole country, recreating in the great outdoors with an RV is an awesome way to travel, explore, and enjoy vacation time.

There’s lots of useful posts in my blog, so do make use of the search box if you have questions. If you’re just getting started with RVing, here’s what I suggest:

  1. Before buying an RV, go to the largest RV dealer near you and look at all the different models, types, floor plans, and options. Do keep in mind you’re looking at new (or nearly new) models, and an older model may not have all those features, but this gives you a basis to start making some smart decisions.
  2. When you’re ready to camp, rent one first!
    If it all possible, rent an RV of some kind, whether it’s a motorhome you drive around, or a travel trailer already setup for you, just get out there and spend some time with one.
  3. When you decide you’re ready to buy, start small.
    I suggest you buy a gently used model, and invest the least amount of money possible into a quality RV to get you started.

I’ll talk about parts and pieces of the above points in later posts, but let’s close with this:
The more you know about RV’s, the better decision you can make. To get more information, you need to spend time in, around, and near RV’s!

Let’s get started!

So you’ve decided that you want to get started in RVing, and you’re looking for all the information you can get. You’re already off to a great start, because my blog is full of useful information for all walks of RVers, and i’m constantly adding more!

This category will target those who are completely new to RVing, so i’ll be keeping things as plain and simple as possible, while exposing you to the terms and ideas common in RV life.

So pack a lunch, buckle up, and let’s go have some adventure!

Moving right along

So the back is healing fine, though it’s a long process. 6-24 months is a long time for healing, and i’m still shy of the six month mark, but it’s slowly getting better.

I’m still freelancing to give me something to do, still working on the back, and still looking for someone to spend time with that’s better than my alone time. 🙂

Wasted time

I hear stories all the time about someone ‘wasted their time’ on someone, whether it’s chatting, texting, dating, and it always makes me chuckle a little inside.

Just like most people, i’m not interested in wasting my time, or yours. Too many times i’ve invested my time and energy by ‘chatting’ with someone for days, weeks, even months, only to have them disappear with no reason, no notion, no understanding of why. My fix for that is, ‘minimum effort until we meet’. If you want to get to know me, come spend some time with me. If you’re not ready to meet, then read through my blog. If you’re not willing to spend time with me, then we’re all done here. 🙂

Some other ways you can avoid wasting your time, and mine, are:

Know your deal-breakers.
I’ve talked about this before, but let’s touch on it again. Deal-breakers are things/behaviors/traits/characteristics that you simply will not tolerate. For example: one of my deal-breakers is tobacco use. If a woman i’m interested in uses tobacco, then we can’t date because that’s a deal-breaker for me. There nothing you can do to change it, that’s what makes it a deal-breaker.

Figure out your criteria to meet.
Criteria to meet is what you want from a person in order to meet with them.
Mine are no deal-breakers, mutual attraction, and easy to communicate with.
So long as you don’t have any of my deal-breakers, we’re both attracted to each other, and it’s not a pain in the ass to set up a meet, we can meet. By figuring out your criteria to meet, you can save everyone a whole bunch of time and get right down to the fun part!

Dating is only as hard as you make it. So instead of making it hard for you and everyone you talk with, figure your shit out, take responsibility, and go have fun! 😀


In the dating world, everyone wants the attention of people they find attractive. The difference is in HOW they get that attention.

Boys/girls get other peoples attention by drawing it in, that is, by chasing after it. Their tactics include playing silly games, creating problems or drama, and making up excuses to get you to come near, only to push you away again.

Men/woman get other peoples attention naturally; their energy radiates, and the people who match their energy will be naturally attracted to them. This is attention by giving, and you’ll know it when you come across it.

As always, it’s not about right or wrong, it’s just about how to break past the barriers holding you back and get to the part where life is sweet.

Quality dating

I get a chuckle when I read profiles with lots of things the writer won’t tolerate; it shows they’re in a negative state of mind.

Quality dating is all about making the best use of time possible. The kind of women I want to date know exactly what this means, so those angry messages I get from girls who just want to create drama are terrific fuel to keep me going on my quest for quality dates.

Maximum effort

I got a message today with a terrific question:
“When do you put in maximum effort?”

When it’s right. When the right woman comes along, we decide to get together and be in a relationship, then i’ll put in maximum effort.

Maximum effort means she’ll know that she’s loved, cared for, respected, supported, and wanted, every day, and not just because I say it, but because i’ll show it. I’ll show it in ways she’ll understand because i’ll learn her love languages, and speak them to her.

Maximum effort means she’ll get the same loyalty, honesty, and passion that all my friends and family get, and she’ll be way up at the top of my priority list. She’ll know she can pry me away from anything else with a smile, and she’ll use that power carefully so she doesn’t wear it out.

Maximum effort is an amazing thing, but if you want it from me, she’ll have to be an amazing woman.

Minimum effort

In my latest profile update I state, “Minimum effort until we meet”.

Less than an hour after my profile update, I got a message from someone who asked me a question already answered in my profile, and expounded on in my blog. I lol’d and excused myself, and they told me to go to hell. 
Thanks! If I wasn’t sure she was a bitch before, I was after that comment!

So here it is: minimum effort until we meet. That means i’m putting in no more than the minimum required effort until we meet in person. Dating is a numbers game, and i’m here to crunch the numbers. 
The women that I want to date are smart, classy, ambitious, and have their shit together. I.E, they’re ready to make a move. The women who aren’t ready to move are not the kind of women I want to be around; they waste time, create problems, cause drama, and generally make things more difficult than they need to be.

So, until we meet, minimum effort.

New paths

Part of my new path is in finding a new way to bring in income now that I can’t do most of the work I used to do.

Another part of my new path is a new awareness to the old connection between who you are and what you do for work. It’s annoying to say the least, but it’s something someone made up and a bunch of people ran with, so it’s a thing we have to deal with.

To that end, this is what I do: Help people, Solve problem, Fix things. It’s my mission in life, it’s what I strive to do everyday, and it applies in every way.

I’ve never been a big of the ‘traditional’ way of life, and while i’ve been a participant, i’m also devising an alternative, a way to get to my desired goal faster, so I can enjoy it longer.