Following up on my last post, ‘Next!’, let’s take a moment (okay, several moments) to talk about effort.

Dating is a numbers game. Running numbers takes effort. Doing the same thing again and again and again and again and again and… you know… takes effort.
The number one reason I get when I ask people why they say online dating is so hard is, “It’s so much work!”. Of course it is, because you’re making it too much work!

Texting/messaging someone back and forth is no way to get to know someone. It’s a great way to cause confusion, pass information in a way that becomes ambiguous, confusing, or difficult, and create a sense of anything the other person can imagine. All of that can be avoided by simply meeting the person, face to face. See? Simple.

For me, I have no interest in putting any more effort than is necessary for any given task. I have a system, it works, and I use it, so I don’t have to re build the wheel each time.

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