Often times, people equate being single to being alone, and while that’s true in some regards, I don’t think it should have such equality, or negative connotation.

For me, my alone time is precious, and very helpful to me as an introvert. I’m not against spending time with other people, but i’ve become more picky about who I spend my time with. I choose to spend my time around positive, happy, intelligent people, and those qualities are infectious.

Another part of alone for me is that it’s easier than dealing with nonsense, drama, and other negative bullshit people seem to insist on dragging around with them. I have no desire for that stuff, and I don’t want to be around it, either.

Being alone has given me time to find out who I am, love who I am, and grown who I am. I know one day a woman will come along that I want to be with more than I want to be alone, and that’ll be the one. One day.

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