Yep, i’m lazy. I know, I know, there’s a long list of test results, employers, mentors, co workers, supervisors, and clients that all tell me i’m anything *BUT* lazy, which is nice, but the truth is, I am.

I’m efficient, i’m logical, i’m organized, and I despise waste. I don’t like to waste food, time, energy, money, parts, pieces, gizmos, or anything else.
I’m that guy that makes an effort to recycle stuff even when there’s no recycling place around, just to keep it from being wasted.

In the dating world, i’m no different. In fact, I’m more open and raw about myself here than in most interactions because this is something with a much bigger potential outcome.

I exchange a lot of messages, and the majority of them all end in the same way they have in many years: The girl gets mad, the girl insults me, the girl doesn’t message me anymore. Since the majority of messages end this, i’ve developed ways to get right down to the meat of the issue as quickly as possible, in an effort to avoid wasting anyones time (especially mine). Yes, I know, some people would say that takes the fun out of dating, but I disagree; dating doesn’t happen until after we’ve met, hit it off, and I’ve asked her out on a date.

My goal here is only filter women into one of two categories, “Yes, we’re going to meet”, or, “No, we’re not going to meet yet”. It’s truly that simple to me, and it works. I may only meet a few women every week, but the quality of the women i’m meeting is far better than it was before I started this system, and much easier for me.

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