When in Rome

Looking for a husband (or wife) on Tinder is like going to McDonalds and asking for Prime Rib. You’re not going to get anything nearly that good at a place like that, and that’s not what it was designed for.

Tinder is for quick connections. Call it whatever you want, Tinder was designed to get you connected to people based on their looks. Are they cute? Super! See? Simple. By the way, that doesn’t mean anything has to happen, it just means the criteria you’re looking for is primarily (and simply) their looks.

When you’re on sites like Plenty of Fish and OkCupid are designed to make more meaningful connections, which is why there’s a lot of room for profiles, and personality quizzes. The point there is for the site to help you find matches on a deeper level.

If you’re on a site like match.com, I would expect you’re looking for a spouse, and probably not interested in dating anyone who you can’t see marrying.

The list goes on and on, but they all have one thing in common:
YOU HAVE TO MEET PEOPLE. Meeting online doesn’t count, meeting in person does. I know for me, until i’ve met you in person, you’re just another username, another picture, another something that may or may not pan out.

Now, I don’t let my experience in ‘online dating’ completely drive how I do things, but i’d have to be stupid to ignore the trends, and one of those trends is that most females here in the SouthEast are asking for way more than they’re willing to give, and most them don’t even know what they want, so they can’t tell the guys what they want. In the same vein as, “she’s crazy”, I hear a lot of females saying, “He can’t carry a conversation”, or, “He just wants sex”, when in reality, you’re boring, and apparently conceited.

In order for online dating to be useful, you’ve got to get out and MEET people. Online dating is just another way to MEET, just like your friend setting up up with someone from work, going to a bar, or volunteering in your community, online dating is designed to help you meet new people.

So, figure out what you want (start with your Deal Breakers, then figure out your criteria to meet, then chill out and meet people), then go get it! 😀

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