Simple system

Simple is always the best way to get things done, and it’s the driving force behind my system. In 3 little steps, we figure out whether or not we’re going to meet in person, and from there we’re smack dab in the middle of the regular dating world. Oh joy. 😛

In each of these steps, i’m looking for clear answers, and if I can’t determine for myself whether or not I have your deal-breakers, or if I meet your criteria, then i’m going to err on the side of caution and move along, since asking for clarification always leads to me getting lectured/yelled at/called names/insulted. Yes, females can be vicious, judgmental, and difficult. No, it doesn’t stop me from dating. Yes, it speeds up the sorting process.

Step 1: Deal-breakers. If you have any of my deal-breakers, we’re done. If I have any of your deal-breakers, we’re done. If neither of us has any of the others’ deal-breakers, then we move on to step 2.

Step 2: Criteria to meet. In order for me to want to meet you, you have to have all of my criteria to meet. I expect the same from her, so if we both meet each others’ criteria to meet, AND she wants to meet, we’re on to step 3. Yes, i’ll need a clear yes or no for this step, too.

Step 3: This is where the rubber meets the road (yes, that’s an awesome pun, thanks for noticing!). All we’re doing is setting up a place and time to meet, so if this becomes some ridiculous/difficult/time-consuming ordeal, that’s a sign to me that we don’t need to meet. If she decides to insult/berate/lecture/bash me, then we’re definitely done!

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