Sort it out

I approach dating the same way I approach sales, solving problems, or finding the right part; i’m not here to make every single option work, i’m simply here to sort, which is why I have a system.

Until i’ve met you, spent time with you, gotten to know you, I don’t have much information to work with, so when it appears that i’m being led on (or jerked around), I go ahead and sort that person into the ‘not now’ category. Maybe they’re busy, maybe they’re not interested, maybe they’re a terrible person, maybe maybe maybe…. The goal of sorting is to separate the potential matches who are willing to meet from everyone else, and then spend my time with people that matter.

This is another reason why i’m not interested in ‘texting’ for weeks or months on end, and why i’m all about the meeting. I’ve dated all over the country in the past few years, and while there’s flakes all over, there seems to be an abundance of them here in the Southeast.

Quick recap: If my profile and my blog aren’t enough for you to decide to meet me, then we’re all done, and life goes on. See? Simple. 🙂

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