My mindset

I’m a 100% Type-A go-getter, and I get whatever I set my mind to. It’s not because i’m awesome, or smart, or strong, or talented; I get what I set my mind to because I don’t stop until I have what I want. It really is that simple.

I’m building a life I never want a vacation from so I can spend my time helping others go as far as they want to go in life (that’s my personal life goal).
I’ve got several ideas for companies, non-profits, and inventions that i’d like to build an empire around; something that will last, and be a helping hand in all ways possible.

I prefer to stay mobile, flexible, and ready to go, seeking adventure over the hum-drum, the daring over the boring, and ‘the new’ over the ‘been-there-done-that’. The world is my oyster, and I intend to explore as much of it as possible before I leave it behind.

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