Want > Need

Rantings of a Beautiful Mind

The difference being wanted or needed in a relationship makes a profound difference in the quality of a relationship.

You don’t NEED to eat out, you could just as easily eat at home. You WANT to eat out, because sometimes you enjoy that more then eating in. It’s the same with a relationship, wanting someone is an option, a choice, where needing someone creates a dependency, and that leads to all kinds of other issues.

I would rather be wanted than needed, and i’d like the same in her.




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  1. Agreed! Export is key… But the effort should be exciting. Like the song goes…”…I want you to want me.” So simply stated yet so incredibly hard to execute. Again each person in the relation has to want to give 110%, not 50/50!!! And not only wanting to give the same amount the other person gave. A relationship is NOT a game or tit for tat. Whether positive or negative. If I state that I love you… Then my words should support my actions of effort, understanding, compromise, sincerity, truthfulness, faithfulness, and friendship. All those should be given if that’s “your person ;)” without being asked.

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