“So who is this Daniel guy, anyway, and what could he possibly know about RV’s??”
I’m glad you asked!

So hi! I’m Daniel, a full time travelling wind technician, and i’m building this blog to accomplish two goals:
1. I want to empower people to make better decisions that benefit us all, and I do that with knowledge. Knowledge is power!
2. I like helping people, and fixing things, both in that order, and that combination.

I don’t like to ‘toot my own horn’, but I would like to give you a little background on me so I can present my information in a transparent fashion. Where you take it and what you do with it is completely up to you!

My plan here is to share my journey with you, and i’ll emphasize information as:

  1. Facts. These are pieces of information that are known to be true and accurate, and i’ll provide links and/or references so you can see for yourself why I believe it’s a fact.
  2. Lessons Learned. These are pieces of information i’ve figured out myself, usually by trial or trouble, and I am passing them on to you, for whatever they may be worth to you.
  3. My opinion. These are pieces of information that are not facts, but are my opinion, which come from research, thought, and more research. Take them for what they’re worth to you, and feel free to throw them right out the window if you like.

In my lifetime so far, i’ve been:

A grocery store bagger, cashier, and service clerk.
A dishwasher, short order cook, grill cook, expediter, server, waiter, and host at several restaurants.
A contractors helper, then a handyman, then a contractor, with a total of ten years experience in construction.
A bike shop wrench (sales, service, repair, fitting, ….) for four years.
A commercial truck driver for two years. (Yeah, I can roll big wheels, float gears, and back that baby up).
A warehouse manager, errand boy, logistics planner, problem solver, troubleshooter, auto mechanic, a seller of good or services, and i’ve had some odd jobs here and there, too. ;p
I use the experience i’ve gained from those jobs, along with my natural problem solving ability, and my desire to make things better, to bring you posts that answer questions, provide useful directions, and empower you, my reader, to do more.

I’m not better or worse than anyone else, but I do push myself to be a better version of me every day.

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