Time is a precious resource. We are given so much of it (we all have the same 24 hours in a day!), but only so much, and how you spend it will determine your return on it.

I’m very protective of my time, especially the time I get to allocate 100% myself (time outside of work or other obligations), partly because i’m an introvert, and partly because I yearn for so much more than the world has shown me so far. I firmly believe that i’m just barely scratching the surface of my own potential, and I know i’ve seen so little of the world around me, and both of those things drive me to do more, do better, and do both more efficiently.

Part of me being protective of my time is being picky with whom I spend my time on. Like any other currency, I want the best value for my dollar, but sometimes you have to buy a sample to see what the product is like. That’s the point behind the coffee shop meeting; we meet, we talk, we laugh, we decide if we’re interested in going further. See? Simple.

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