Quality >Quantity

Dating is a numbers game, and in order to work the numbers, you’ve got to have a lot of dates. Now, please don’t twist that around and start calling me “player”, or something equally absurd; i’m not that kind of guy.

The reality is, I desire to spend my time on quality pursuits, whatever they may be, and this includes women. I’m not looking to get into your pants, i’m looking for a woman that I enjoy being around, not just for sex, but for a wide range of activities. Yes, it takes a lot of ‘no’s’ to get to a ‘yes’, and it also takes a lot of ‘yes’s’ to get to a second date, but it’s all worth it for me, because every meet, every date, every relationship, is both a step closer to finding the love of my life, and is an opportunity for me to learn and grow.

Dating isn’t difficult, people just make it difficult, perhaps because they’re afraid to actually assess the key attribute in dating; themselves.

Quality is better than quantity, and i’ll keep crunching the numbers to get the quality I want!

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