Quality >Quantity

Dating is a numbers game, and in order to work the numbers, you’ve got to have a lot of dates. Now, please don’t twist that around and start calling me “player”, or something equally absurd; i’m not that kind of guy.

The reality is, I desire to spend my time on quality pursuits, whatever they may be, and this includes women. I’m not looking to get into your pants, i’m looking for a woman that I enjoy being around, not just for sex, but for a wide range of activities. Yes, it takes a lot of ‘no’s’ to get to a ‘yes’, and it also takes a lot of ‘yes’s’ to get to a second date, but it’s all worth it for me, because every meet, every date, every relationship, is both a step closer to finding the love of my life, and is an opportunity for me to learn and grow.

Dating isn’t difficult, people just make it difficult, perhaps because they’re afraid to actually assess the key attribute in dating; themselves.

Quality is better than quantity, and i’ll keep crunching the numbers to get the quality I want!


I’m often asked, “What are you looking for?” and my standard response is, “I”m less looking *for*, and more looking *at* what is around me.” Tonight, I have a new answer:

Ideally, i’ll soon find a woman with whom I share mutual admiration, respect, attraction, goals, dreams, and desires, and she’ll come on the road with me. She may have a job she can do remotely, she may get one, or maybe she’ll just be a ‘housewife’ (house girlfriend?), which is fine with me. We’ll travel together, and while she’ll be busy handling things at home on my long work days, we’ll be off to another adventure on my next day(s) off, exploring, enjoying, and growing.



Along the lines of being insulted, berated, or otherwise poorly treated from shitty women, I hear a common thread of insult: “No wonder you’re single!”. LOL.
Actually, it’s funny you mention that. See, i’m perfectly content to remain single, alone, by myself, for my entire life. The reality is that I can hire someone, or someones, to do whatever needs to be done in my life, and I can go to a bar and pick up a woman to enjoy for the night should I decide to. One of these days i’ll finally get a dog, too, so then i’ll never be alone. I got a dog in December of 2017, and yes, she’s the cutest thing ever! (That’s a side joke, because dogs are awesome, and the trade off is that often times they just won’t leave you alone).

I’m content to stay single, to keep grinding, to continue honing my crafts, my life, my dreams, my goals, and my desires, all by myself. I don’t ‘need’ a woman, I don’t need to be in a relationship, to be married; I don’t have to have a girlfriend, and that’s what seems to scare weak women the most.

I’ve always been a self-sufficient person, and i’m constantly pushing myself to continue growing in self-sufficiency. I know me; i’m dependable, reliable, honest, trustworthy, and I do what I said I was going to do.

I do enjoy having a girlfriend, when she’s my ‘kind of gal’, and I enjoy being in a relationship, when it’s positive, and uplifting, and causes growth while offering peace. I would like to have a wife one day, but in my mind, there is no greater commitment I will ever make than to ask a woman to marry me, to be my wife, and that is a commitment I do not take lightly.

When she finally does come along, she will know, not because I said so, but because I show her every day, that I am hers, and hers alone, forever, and there will be no room, no chance, no opportunity for stupid shit. Yes, problems will arise, and yes, conflict will come upon us, but she will know, without ever having a doubt, that we are together, always, and there will be no ‘divide and conquer’ between us. I expect the same in return, and as I have high standards for myself, so must she.

Until she comes along, I am content to be single, and no one will shame me for that.

“I just want to get to know you”

Ya know, that’s terrific, and flattering, too. I know that the kind of women I like to be in a relationship with are the same women who know that getting to know someone is best done in person, and with daily interaction, especially in the small things.

So, want to get to know me? Show me. Meet me, in person, and let’s talk, go do something fun, even if it’s just a walk around downtown, or a bite to eat somewhere.


Under my beard is a man who can change all the parts in a car, fix anything around the house, work on computers, write an eloquent letter, take over a fortified position, or show you how amazing life can be.

Under my beard is a man who’s tired of being judged by his appearance, his gender, or his opening line.

Under my beard is a man who wants a woman not as an object, a trophy, or a conquest, but as a lover, best friend, partner; someone I can trust completely.

Under my beard is a man who has worked hard to earn everything he owns, and will continue to work hard to build the life of his dreams, no matter how long it takes.

Under my beard is a man who is tender, affectionate, open, honest, and ambitious.

Under my beard is a man who will stand the gap, who will stand up for those that cannot stand for themselves, who will fight to the death of his enemies if needs be, but who wishes only for peace and prosperity for all.

Under my beard is a man, just a man. Who I am to you is your perception, and your choice.


See profile

I understand that you’d like to have a little idea about me before deciding if you want me to meet me in person, and to that end, i’ve taken a little time to touch on myself in my profile, and i’ve gone into depth here in my blog.

The whole purpose of my profile, and the subsequent blog, is to speed up the process between, “Ooo, lookit that” to, “Let’s meet”.

The reason I answer questions with “see profile” is because the information is already readily available to you, and there’s no need for either of us to waste time in having that part of the conversation. Yes, I know, some women will say i’m rude for that, but you know what? Those are the women I don’t want to date.