Time to meet

Alright ladies, listen up:

Once you agree to meet with the guy, don’t change your criteria to meet.

I understand life happens, but that’s got nothing to do with the decision to meet. A little perspective here:

I had a meeting setup with a nice young lady that messaged me first, yesterday. We decided yesterday that we would meet today, which is part of the reason I traveled the 70 miles to the city she’s in. Now, i’ve got other things going on here, too, so it’s not a loss, but still. 

So here we are, about four hours until we’re supposed to meet, and she suddenly starts grilling me like i’m some kind of serial killer, and then blows up on me about how I won’t give her all my information. Not cool. 

The more that happens, the more warning signs I can learn to see, and the less likely I am to spend time with ladies that exhibit those warning signs. Potential loss for me? Of course. Big deal? Yeah, it just perpetuates the cycle of, “Dating sucks”. 

BTW, if you think dating sucks, it’s because you’re making it harder than it has to be. Stop that, make up your mind, and stick to your word.

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