Looking (for)?

I sometimes get asked, “What are you looking for?”, which is an odd question on two levels to me, because 1) I’ve clearly stated in my profile what i’m after, and what i’m open to, and 2) I’m not looking for so much as looking at, which seems to be the whole idea of dating, or at least it is to me.

I’m sure there’s women out there who will say, “I’m looking for a man to marry”; great! Do you know who he is? No. Do you know where he lives? No. Do you know what he does for a living? No. Hm. Well, how do you plan to find him? ……..uhm……. Yeah.

Just as it says in my profile, i’m open to everything up to, and including marriage. I’m not setting out with the intention of getting married because I haven’t found a woman worth marrying yet. The fun part here is that I won’t know a woman worth marrying until we’ve been dating for some time, and that means we’ve got to meet first.

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