One of the biggest issues I run into with people in general, and moreso in the dating world, is dealing with expectations.

When you’ve just met someone for the first time, it’s easy to cast them off for any number of reasons, but generally what I find is that it boils down to a lack of meeting expectations, which usually stems from not expressing those expectations ahead of time.

If you have some expectations of me, and you don’t discuss them with me, then i’ll probably not meet your expectations, and you may add that a negative dates collection that just wears you down, or discourages you from dating. Yeah, it really does go that far.

Instead, have a conversation with me, talk to me about more than just you and I, let’s go deeper, and talk about things you can’t talk to just anyone with, because let’s be honest here, most people are so shallow-minded that they can’t handle going that deep.

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