My system

Anything that I have to do more than once gets a system. I either take a functioning system, and modify it to suit my needs, or, I build a system that fits my needs. In this case, there was already a system put in place by the universe (it’s that whole ‘gut feeling’ thing we all have), and I just chose to place it and modify it. Here it is:

1) Are you pretty? Are you smiling or happy in your pictures? Do you seem like a kind, genuine, intelligent person? Am I attracted to you at all? If all of those are yes, then i’m looking at your profile, swiping right, sending you a message, of otherwise signaling interest.

2) My first question is designed to get a general overview of how you view your life. I’m not deeply interested in anything going on in your life just yet, i’m just looking to see how you respond.

3) Do we have any of each others deal-breakers? If yes, we move on. If no, we head towards Criteria to Meet.

4) Once we’ve gotten through the first few messages, i’m looking for your criteria to meet. If we meet each others criteria, then we should meet. If you don’t know what criteria to meet means, then I know we’re all done here.

5) So long as there’s been no difficulty, angry outbursts, or generally red-flag behavior, the next step is to meet in person. I’ll cover that in a separate post.

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