Dating as a numbers game

To me, dating is just like sales, it’s all about the numbers.

There are a number of things that females do that used to annoy me to no end, and it all came crashing down when I finally began to accept that dating isn’t all that serious, it’s just a numbers game. Because i’m an efficient guy, i’ve created a system that aligns nicely with the universe, and I fine-tune it whenever needed because it’s simple, flexible, and best of all, it’s efficient.

The whole idea for me is to meet a girl in person and see where the universe takes us. Maybe we have amazing conversation, a spark of excitement leads to planning for an adventure, and then a line of events follows. Maybe we meet in person and decide this isn’t what we had in mind. Maybe, she starts lecturing me as she’s sitting down at the table across from me, and then she looks shocked when I get up and walk out. Yes, I really have done that, and no, i’m not ashamed of it. If you’re going to treat someone you’ve just met that way, what makes you think i’m going to stay and tolerate that??

A turn-off for me is lack of communication, and another is lack of desire to understand. In the first messages I exchange with a woman, I can easily determine if these two things are present or absent. I used to get annoyed at how difficult it was to exchange simple ideas with someone until I realized that anyone who makes communication that difficult is not someone I want to spent time with, and the universe is just filtering those people out quickly. Awesome.

Once we get past that part and have a face-to-face, things should get easier. If they don’t, that’s a red flag, and it’s time to take some considerations in. I know I don’t speak for everyone, but for me, I have no problem cutting ties and walking away, sometimes for things other people just don’t get. Last week I met with a lady I met online, and our meeting lasted about four minutes. I made it there a half-hour early, and I intended to sit back, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and some me-time to read my book. I sent her a message letting her know I had made it there early, and she was welcome to join me early if she’d like to, but please, no rush at all, i’ve got all day. When she did make it in about five minutes before our agreed upon meeting time, she greeted me with, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”. The last four minutes of our meeting was just me waiting for the crowd to thin out enough for me to leave. FWIW, if that’s your greeting, my response will always be, “C-ya”. She went on to berate me via messages until I blocked her, and then she reported my profile. Vindictive much?

Here’s the bottom line: It’s just a numbers game, so just play the numbers. Go out, meet people, and if you find someone you really want to spend more time with, DO IT. Otherwise, say thank you and move along.

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