Small talk

Small talk is defined as follows:

small talkˈsmôl ˌtôk/


  1. polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters, especially as engaged in on social occasions.“propriety required that he face these people and make small talk

In my dictionary, I would add the definition:

“Conversation that is boring, often forced, and is never new, exciting, engaging, or useful to the intellectual mind.”

Small talk bores me. Small talk is about small ideas, small dreams, small goals, and small skillsets. There’s nothing wrong with any of that; this world is full of small minds, small ideas, and small talk, and that’s just the way it is, and I accept that.

Just because I accept that does not mean I will embrace it, enjoy it, or in some cases, subject myself to it. I’ve been in the ‘online dating’ world since 2006 off and on, mostly on, and I have no more desire now than I did then to waste my time on small, petty, silly questions that every girl asks me. I understand the point is to have conversation, or to start somewhere, or (insert whatever reason you wish to here), it’s all the same to me; boring, pedantic, and a waste of my time.

If you want to have conversation with me, then do it! Not through text messages of course; text messages should be kept shorter, and should solicit answered even shorter than the question. The entire point of the app/site/service is to help you meet people you want to meet, to help weed out the people you don’t. Once that’s been done, the next step should be to setup a meet. Yes, it’s a good idea to ‘check the crazy level’ before meeting someone in person, but if you’re smart enough to catch my attention, then you’re smart enough to know how to setup a safe meet. In either case, that’ll be covered in a future post.

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