A common question i’m asked, and one that I find terribly boring, is, “What’s your favorite (insert thing here)?” While I don’t think it’s a bad question, I find that it dances squarely on the ‘usual’, and puts me in an odd position. See, i’m not one to choose favorites, and I find it quite difficult to settle down to any one thing as being the one I prefer over all the others. Sure I have the brands I prefer, I have the names I would place more trust in that others, but picking a favorite has always been difficult for me, and it often leads to more difficult conversation that ends poorly, or in anger from the person asking me, as though I were hiding something from them. I assure you i’m not hiding anything, i’m just not into picking favorites.

The exception to this would be my future wife; rest assured, when I find a woman worth asking to be my wife, she will be my favorite person; my best friend, my confidant, my rock; my everything. I just hope she never asks me to pick a favorite moment i’ve had with her.

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