Daniel Dates

I’m Daniel, and i’m in the “dating world”, which I think just means that i’m interested in spending time with women I find attractive and want to be more than friends with.

Often times I find the terms people use to be a touch ambiguous, and sometimes, downright confusing. After several years in the “dating world”, i’ve come to find the terms that are tossed around make just as much sense as the people who use them, which is one of the many reasons I think it’s hard to date for me, or people like me (if any such people exist).

I’m creating this blog with the intention of using it to expand on my thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the dating world, in the hopes that my future wife will stumble across it, fall madly in love with me, and demand we meet immediately so we can begin our courtship. I’m on my way honey, i’m on my way.

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