Communication is a vital part of any activity involving more than one person, and it’s the medium by which we organize ourselves, or are organized, to accomplish things.

Communication is a tool I use every single day, in every part and piece of my life. Sometimes I use it to convey an idea i’m exploring, sometimes to request assistance where needed, sometimes to share my time with those I love, and sometimes to determine whether or not I want to spend time with someone.

Focusing on that last use, i’ll share this with you: if we have difficulty communicating in the first few messages, i’m checking out. What that tells me is that you don’t possess clear communication skills, and those people annoy me to no end. Now, i’m sure you can communicate just fine with the people you deal with in your everyday life, and that’s great, but I find that most people don’t communicate well on any level at or above a 6th grade education. Yes, I know, that makes me sound arrogant and condescending, but you know what? That’s ok. You can call it anything you want; I call it being real, being honest. Let’s do be honest about this, too, even brutally honest; if you and I constantly have communication issues, then what quality of life would you expect to have if you were dating me? I know I would expect a poor quality of life, and that’s not something i’m open to.

I don’t expect anyone to communicate as clearly, articulately, or logically as I do, but I do expect you to understand basic english well enough to not have to ask me to explain all of my questions. One of the questions i’ve learned to ask is, “What’s your criteria to meet?”, and i’ve been somewhat surprised at some of the answers. I’ve actually had women ask me, in response to that question, “What do you mean?”. This baffles me, because I don’t see how this could be misconstrued in the context of a conversation between two people on a dating site. In the event you ended up here, and that question confused you, let me break it down for you: I’m asking you for your criteria to meet, or by what factors you decide whether or not to meet someone you met on a dating site, so I can determine if there are any criteria I cannot meet. If I meet all of your criteria, and you meet all of mine, then it stands to reason we should meet. By the way, ladies, if you’re not willing to meet at all, please get off any site that’s designed to help people meet people; you’re just clogging up the system and wasting peoples time.

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